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Welcome to the Connect Community Kitchen. We're a community kitchen located in the basement of South Huron Hospital in Exeter, Ontario, Canada.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Too Many Cook's in the Kitchen

We met on the June 12th for the planning meeting and the June 15th for cooking. 11 members were present. We prepared 6 items. Turkey burgers with special sauce( cooking light), lentil burgers with yogurt sauce( cooking light), turkey tettrazini( cooking light), banana pecan pancakes( cooking light), nomad salad( cooking light) and thai chicken curry ( London free press food section). The turkey burgers, lentil burgers and sauces involved no cooking on site. Members were sent home with the raw burgers for freezing to be cooked at a later date. Nomad salad involved a brief soak of bulger in hot water. This was mixed together with various dried fruits and veggies and tossed with a lemon vinagarette.

The two dishes that required the most cooking were the tettrazini and the thai curry. Hayter's turkey products in Dashwood, ON donated all of the ground turkey and turkey cutlets. Hansen's Your Independent grocery store in Exeter, ON donated all the remaining ingredients. Thank you to our sponsors, our community kitchen would not be possible without your generous support.

The total cost to each member for the evening was $8.00 per person. Each person was sent home with 2 turkey burgers and sauce, 4 lentil burgers with sauce, 2 portions of turkey tettrazini, 4 banana-pecan pancakes, a healthy portion of nomad salad and a container of thai curry. The curry was topped with basil and chopped peanuts. Everyone agreed that this was well worth the cost.

Recipes to follow.

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